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Within Me

Rage of emotions like a storm in the sea
When will it calm down, and let me be
It takes me up, and throws me down
Hurting me, bruising me, making me strong.
I can not avoid it, I do not want it
But to soar above it, a light has to be lit.
A fire grows within me,
Claiming me, calming me,
Raging slowly, growing bright.
What is this plight? Is this right?
What a paradox of emotions I feel!
The Source close to me, yet far from me.
When will it stop, when will I let go
What is this wonder, what is its goal?
A war dance begins in the depths of my soul
Will it break me or consume me whole?
Yet the storm rages, and the waves crash with force
How do I get away from its course?
A slow and steady beat of the drums I hear.
Beating through the storm, and coming near.
I am still, I am here, in the middle of the storm,
I can hear.
The steady beat aligns with my heart
All the fright in me departs.
The clouds slightly part
And the light flows like beautiful art.
the storm has passed, and yet I stan…
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ECHOS OF THE PAST (18th Oct 2008)

Stillness of the mountains
with the night skies stained in moonlight
fill the air slowly with the songs of Crickets.
The wind blows whispering promises
of those who once lived!

The calmness of this night
with the coolness of the breeze
that brushes my face,
sing along in whispers, of love notes
of those who once lived.

Grey mountains look stately
upon the dark blue waters,
water that ripples slowly
touching the shores,
and softly caressing them like lovers
who once lived!

Eons have gone by, since
those people lived.
But every glance of nature around me
captures the essence of the life
they have fulfilled.

Now its my turn to fulfill,
a dream that is now tangible,
which makes all the past I lived forgivable.

I live again now with renewed enthusiasm,
but sometimes still wondering about the lives
of those who once lived!
by, Teja Priyadarshini
Old Poetry - 2008

A Warm Summer's Night! (2004)

On a warm summer's night
walking down the seashore
hand in hand, lost in our thoughts,
building castle of sand.
I see the love in your eyes.
It shines so bright that I would want nothing more
but to hold you in my arms, tight!

What lovely sight, the moonlight in your eyes!
The twinkling stars in your smile.
Oh, what a warm summer's night!
The two of us as one soul and one love,
with a whole lot of magick around us.
A perfect night when dreams come true,
and love becomes everything that is divine!

The ripples of the sea, gently touching our feet,
invite us into the splendour of the Ocean.
With our passions ignited
we enter the cool blue waters.
Our bodies burning like fire on ice,
bringing us closer on a warm summer's night!

by, Teja Priyadarshini
Old Poetry - 2004

Someday (2005)

Someday I will be with you,
alone in your arms,
taking me away in a trance,
lost in your embrace.
Skin to skin and heart to heart,
with feelings hard to part.

With clouded eyes I watch you move,
feeding my fire with your steady groove,
Sweet smell of skin, like a rose in the wind,
like in a selfish instant a sinner sinned.

A day when love and passions unfold
to tease the mind of lovers; mould
two hearts as one, and breath life into an unborn sun.
The rays of which form heaven on earth, a moment were we breath as one.

Lost in this moment time flies by. We shall meet again on a day like this,
near the brook where we first kissed.
We will meet again
were we felt the pain of our eternal bliss.
We shall relive each moment as if it were our last,
each worry in the wind we will cast.
Someday my love! Our love will surely last!
by, Teja Priyadarshini
Old Poetry - 2005

Missing You (2004)

You fill each day of mine, with sunshine so bright
Like the smell of Jasmine on a warm summer's night.

Your presence makes my world feel alright!

You are my love, my life, without whom I could never be me.

You are my strenght at times when I am weak.

Your laughter fills up my heart with joy,

like a baby playing with his favourite toy!

But it hurts now when I smile, because

my heart still remembers when you were still by my side.

I wish you were here right now,

filling my senses with your love. But now,

I miss you my friend,

with every waking moment of my life!

by, Teja Priyadarshini
Old Poetry - 2004

Happy New Beginning

(Dedicated to a dear friend I lost. To Mudit, on his birthday, I will always remember you.)
What do I wish for you, old friend, on your birthday?
Do I wish you a happy one or a one that can keep you safe till we meet again?
It is not easy to wish you as you are so far away
Looking down on us all, and smiling to yourself
Wondering, I suppose, if we remember you.
The truth is that, you will always be in our hearts
No matter how far, you will always be remembered
Remembered for the friend you were to many
Remembered for your wit, for your love of knowledge
Remembered for the songs you sang and the laughter you spread
Remembered for the wonderful person you were
Remembered for making this world a better place So for your birthday, I don't want to be sad
I want to remember you for the friend you were to me
For standing by me, helping me, teaching me
For loving me as only a true friend can.
You are missed every day now,
but I know it is only for a while.
Because death is never th…

What makes the world go around?! (2002)

We often blink when we think, What makes the world go around? Is it money or power or new love found? Money money money! That's what people say. But if we look twice, we'll know, there is more across the bay! 'Nay' people say, 'Its money alright' But 'No' I say, 'They arent so bright'. For they do not see the smile on the face of a child, Nor do they see the magic of nature in all its might! They often forget for what they shout out 'MONEY' It is to make their loved ones have a life so sunny. The bonds of love are more powerful than anything in the world, but eyes of people, are often very blurred. For they do not see the happness in the eyes of a mother, nor the sister's adoration for her brother. All they see is cold hard paper, for which they can also be an apper,
in whom greed grows like a creeper. Now you can see clearly that people think, barely. Cause they don't seem to see the difference at all! So now can you tell me, what use is money? If th…